Dental Insurance

dental insurance plan

What is Dental Insurance? Dental Insurance is actually a type of health insurance specifically created to pay costs associated with dental care. Ranging in several different types of dental insurance plans that include; family, individual and group insurance plans. Dental insurance plans are commonly referred to as either indemnity (fee-for-service) or managed care. These two very different plans vary greatly in how the plan will provide the patient with basic dental care. These major differences are identified by choices in the provider, your expenses, the types of services covered and the when/how the bills are paid.

Why should you consider hospital indemnity insurance?There is no perfect dental insurance, some dental insurance plans will be a better choice for you or your family considering the monthly premiums. No Dental Insurance plan will pay for all of the costs associated with dental care, some plans will provide better coverage than others. With most plans there will be additional costs associated with your dental care above the usual monthly payments, these additional payments will vary based on the plan; these costs include but are not limited to deductibles, co-payments and coinsurance.

What questions should I ask?Consider these questions when selecting a dental insurance plan: How much will I pay on a monthly basis? How much is the deductible before the plan cover my costs? What is covered by the plan? Is my local Dentist part of the plan? If I have an emergency how much more will I need to pay?