Hospital Indemnity Insurance

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What is Hospital Indemnity Insurance? Hospital indemnity insurance is medical insurance that pays you a predetermined amount of money each day that you spend in the hospital. Hospital Indemnity Insurance protects your personal savings from utter ruin in the event you have an unexpected hospital stay, some Hospital Indemnity Insurance plans will give you cash in hand each day your in the hospital for up to two years. Different Hospital Indemnity plans will pay in different ways, in some instances Hospital Indemnity plans will pay on top of your existing health insurance coverage. Giving you the money you need when you need it. In other instances you can manage you health benefits in such a way that you receive less than the actual cost of your daily hospital stay cost. Why should you consider hospital indemnity insurance? In the event you hospitalized how are you planning to pay for your stay? A single hospital stay could cost you tens of thousands of dollars, from where? Your savings? Hospital Indemnity Insurance keeps your savings where is should stay, in your pockets. Hospital Indemnity Insurance Options When choosing a type of hospital indemnity insurance, you should consider the following:

  • Make sure you choose a reliable insurance company that has been in business for years.
  • Get the right daily payment according to your hospital needs. (Cancer Treatment vs. Recovery)
  • Who gets the money? You or the Hospital.
  • When you want to start receiving your payments? When your hospitalized or sometime after you get out of the hospital?
  • Does your plan cover you even if you are in a U.S. Government facility?